When designing your new kitchen, there are many things to consider. Don't worry, your personal kitchen consultant will take care of everything so you don't have to do it yourself. Just make an appointment and come to the store of your choice and we will help you design the kitchen of your dreams.

  What to expect

   • Meet your personal kitchen consultant
   • Discussion (calculate about 30 ') about your desires and needs regarding the kitchen of your dreams
   • Collection of all the information we need to design, completely free of charge, your own kitchen adapted to your space

   What to present
   In your first meeting, it is helpful to have some information with you:

   • The floor plan of your space with the corresponding dimensions and the measurement of all the objects that stand out in the room
      (radiators, doors, windows, plumbing, etc.)
      If you don't have the floor plan ready, see here how to measure the dimensions of your kitchen yourself / -
      this will help our designers to design your kitchen more accurately.
      Alternatively, you can use the measurement service, the cost of which will be deducted from the placement amount if the two services are combined.
   • Photos of your kitchen as it is today
   • Photos or pictures of the kitchen you dream of - magazine pages, web pages, pictures on your mobile phone.
      It doesn't matter what they look like - we just want to know how you would like your kitchen to look.

   What to expect

  • 3D design of your new kitchen, so you can see your kitchen come to life in the space
  • Complete offer with detailed prices
  • Offer for services that we can provide you for the completion of your project (delivery, installation, etc.)