Polymorphic entrance shelf

Tags: Furniture, Decorative constructions
Homistas: Stefanos Lolos

Degree of difficulty

Stefanos Lolos

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Your tools

1 meter

Your materials

1 fir leaf 60x120cm
2 canvases Φ18 length 1m
1 fir leaf 50x12cm
1 fir leaf 36x12cm
1 fir leaf 15x12cm
1 fir leaf 10x12cm
1 wing 17mm

Step 1: Make marks on our wood every 10 cm

Step 2: Drill with the wing 17 mm at the points marked

Step 3: Cut the canvas into 9 pieces 9 cm long and 2 pieces 4.5 cm

Step 4: We place the canvases where we want to put the shelves

Step 5: Place the shelves on the canvases

Stefanos Lolos

I am an actor, a DIY fan and a founding member of the Fabrica Athens Multipurpose Art Group . I love to give life to old objects but also to discover new forms and uses of them.