Delivery Terms and Conditions

1. The delivery of products is on the pavement outside of the property.
2. The final delivery time on any given day is scheduled for 15.30 by the delivery company.
3. The delivery area should be accessible for an 8 meter length truck.
4. The delivery area should not need an unloading licence from the local authority.
5. The delivery area should be accesible for a truck of 5 tons or more.
6. In case of a fork lift or other crane type vehicle use, the area must be free of overhead electrical cables or any other possible obstructions.
7. An individual representing the purchaser of the delivered goods must be present during the delivery time. 
8. The individual whose signature will be requested as confirmation of the good condition of the delivered products will have to check the order before signing. In the case of any discrepancies, the Delivery Department will have to be informed, in order for a solution to be found immediately.  
(Phone Number 22 473400)

Delivery within the garden area of the property or to any floor (max 5 floors or 15 meters height) with the use of a fork lift is with an extra charge of 50 euros/ hour (only valid for areas within the A Zone).