Easily and simply calculate the cost of consuming each home heating appliance that interests you before buying. Choosing the right type of heating is most often affected by the cost of consumption of each household, so there are simple rules you need to know before buying a device that meets your needs.

Find out what you consume with each heating / air conditioning device

What you need to know is how many watts each device is or how many watts for each performance scale each device uses (stairs) and how much charge you have for each "kilowatt hour" (kW / h) )
  • Note: The kilowatt hour is the charge you have for using 1000W for a continuous hour

Charging electricity
By reading the electricity bill you can see how much charge you have for each "kilowatt hour" (kW / h) and in each product you can see the Watt in which it operates.

To calculate, then, what is the maximum that the device can consume for one hour of operation you calculate:
Watt device (or watt scale-performance scale) x"kilowatt hour" / 1000

Indicative table of power consumption

Source:  https : // www dei . gr el katanalwsi oikiakwn suskeuwn thermansi   

 Before buying a new device, compare the power consumption, because there are big differences between the devices of different manufacturers. For the consumption of each device, the label of Energy Marking of Electrical Home Appliances informs you, that all devices are required by law to have in a visible place.