Let's rediscover the charm of cooking outside, placing a built-in grill. They are easily made thanks to the elements that stick together.

You will need

  • Necessary tools
  • 1 hoe or digging machine
  • 1 evacuation system
  • 1 trowel
  • 1 cable stripping pliers
  • 1 electrician screwdriver
  • 1 spatula with teeth
  • 1 sledgehammer
  • 1 brush with hard bristles
  • 1 sponge
  • 1 high pressure washer and its accessories
  • 1 level thread
  • 1 metal nozzle cleaner
  • 1 nozzle
  • Necessary materials
  • 1 grill
  • barbecue glue
  • white cement
  • sand
  • Difficulty level

The installation of the grill

We choose a place preferably protected from strong currents and gases and away from plants that could catch fire. It would be better to place the barbecue against a wall, to avoid any contact with the back of the hearth, which can develop high temperatures. We need to place the barbecue on a flat surface, durable and solid, such as a concrete base. If necessary, we create a base for our measures. Alfadia with the rod and let it dry for a few days.

Dig to a depth of 30 cm, distribute a layer of 15 cm stones in the background, verify that the top of the layer is horizontal, put iron grids of support Φ10 mm and at the end pour the cement.

The placement of the vertical elements and the workbench

Carefully observe the position of the vertical elements on the base in the instructions.
Starting from the right we place the data at the base while being careful and respecting the distances. With the pencil we draw their position.

We need to assemble the elements of the double-glued barbecue using a spatula.

We prepare the glue. Spread a uniform layer on the piece and then on the base. We place the data better by touching them than by sliding them. As we move forward, we confirm that the data is straightforward.

We stabilize the first vertical elements at the base, then the small vertical element with its overlay element and finish with the last vertical element.

We confirm that the vertical elements are aligned with the scales and the spirit level. Then we glue and place the arched element that rests on the central elements.

We touch a small piece of wood and with the help of the sledgehammer we hit to adjust the position of the arched element well.

We then need to place the workbench on the vertical elements, divided into two parts.
We take good care to keep the alignments and protrusions well.

We verify with the spirit level in each direction and if necessary, we correct with some blows with the sledgehammer or by lifting with wooden wedges.

The placement of the hearth and the roof

We glue the first side of the hearth aligned on the vertical element and verify that it is perfectly vertical.
If necessary during installation, add wooden wedges.

Glue the back of the hearth to the work surface perpendicular to the already placed side, then place the other side of the hearth.

Place the baking trays on the workbench without sticking them so that they can expand freely. Glue the vertical plate to the base of the hearth and then the two sides of the baking surface.

On each side of the hearth we place the vertical element, glued to the side. Then we glue the arched element that covers the upper front part of the hearth. For aesthetic reasons, we verify the alignment of the grill.

To place the two elements we put glue on the upper sides of the arched element and on the side supports. We focus on following the instructions for use faithfully.

The finish

To create the compounds, we prepare a mixture that will consist of one part white cement and three parts sand. Fill all the joints with the tip of the small trowel, then scrape the super mixture before it catches on.

We rub the points of the joints hard with a brush with hard hair, well wet. We end up having a good time with a wet sponge.

For safety reasons, we do not use alcohol or other flammable liquids to light or intensify the fire.

Wait 48 hours for the ingredients to dry well and then turn on the first fire. Now we can enjoy delicious meals outside with friends and family.