Ceiling fans are an ideal solution for natural, economical cooling, as they create a sense of comfort in the space and in combination with open windows (if it is an interior space), can lower its temperature.

At what height is the fan placed? 
The height of the fan from the floor must be at least 2.40 m. In case of high ceilings, an extension rod is used.

Fan placement criteria in the room:
The fan is not necessarily placed in the center of a room. An important criterion for choosing the most suitable location is the layout of the furniture in the space (for example the location of the sofas) so that the tenants benefit from the cooling and lighting (if there is a built-in luminaire).
If there is a conventional fireplace in the room, the distance from it should not be less than 2.50 m.

We can install them very easily by following the steps below.
The preparation

We turn off the power supply by lowering the general switch of the house.

We disconnect the fan and study the manufacturer's attached brochure for the correct assembly of the fan.

Attach to the ceiling at the fan installation site the special hook for effective fan suspension.

We pass the suspension rod through the decorative roof cover.
We pass the wires of the fan motor through the suspension rod.

Attach the fan motor unit to the suspension rod and secure according to the attached instructions.
We hang the fan from the hook.

We connect the fan cables to the corresponding expectations in the roof box.
Secure the decorative ceiling cover to the suspension rod.
Install the fins and screw on the unit with the fan motor.

If the fan has a built-in luminaire:

Attach the lighting cover to the bottom of the fan.
We install the light bulbs.
Screw the vaulted cover of the luminaire.

The fan can be turned on.