Discover what to look out for before installing outdoor flooring and what material to choose to enjoy your garden or terrace at all hours of the day.

What you need to consider first is the area of ​​the surface you want to cover and after the ground condition:

Area area

Depending on the area you want to cover it is advisable to use a different type of deck 

Soil surface condition

For fixed / flat surfaces

No configuration required of the ground before installation
It is recommended to use buttoned tiles and deck boards

For soft / rough surfaces

It is necessary to shape the soil before installation
It is recommended to use deck boards

But what? You will choose a cover that meets your needs:

•  Natural wood
- It is a natural material
- Durable
- Requires maintenance

•  WPC (synthetic)
- Has a long life
- Does not corrode
- Has high resistance to sunlight
- Gives the feeling of natural wood
- Has almost zero moisture absorption 
- No maintenance

•  Tropical wood
- Tropical timber products have the capacity to behave perfectly in humid climates, as they have high moisture resistance

•  Impregnated pine timber
- has great strength in Mediterranean weather conditions withstand large temperature variations, humidity and drought s
- Impregnation gives wood great resistance to harmful external conditions, is ecological and harmless to humans