Ideas and tips

I choose lawn mower according to my needs
The lawn mowers loosen your hands on the lawn mower as they give a uniform result, they are relatively easy and comfortable to use. What you need to keep in mind before buying...
I choose the right outdoor floor
Discover what to look out for before installing outdoor flooring and what material to choose to enjoy your garden or terrace at all hours of the day. What you need to consider...
I prepare the ground and plant grass
Only well-groomed lawn can make the most of the outdoor space of your home. But before planting the lawn, it is necessary to properly prepare the soil.If we want to install...
I take care of the lawn
Frequent mowing of the lawn from March to October, frequent watering, periodic ventilation and the addition of fertilizers: this is a simple and easy recipe to always have a...
I choose garden furniture
The choice of material for garden furniture and outdoors in general is very important as it determines both the aesthetic result and the maintenance and storage method that they...
I install a built-in grill
Let's rediscover the charm of cooking outside, placing a built-in grill. They are easily made thanks to the elements that stick together.