Frequent mowing of the lawn from March to October, frequent watering, periodic ventilation and the addition of fertilizers: this is a simple and easy recipe to always have a perfect lawn.

You will need

  • Necessary tools
  • 1 drill
  • 1 rake
  • polygon keys
  • 1 lawn mower
  • 1 tire and 1 watering hose
  • 1 seed distributor
  • Necessary materials
  • nitrogen fertilizer
  • phosphorus and potassium
  • herbicide
  • Difficulty level

The lawn mowing

In order to have a beautiful lawn, we must cut it regularly.

The choice of lawn mower depends on the surface to be trimmed and the effectiveness of the haircut depends on the sharpening of the blade.

The height of the cut can be adjusted to ensure the desired result. In case the lawn is high, we pass the lawnmower once with the maximum cutting height and then we pass again lowering the cutting height.

We pass the lawn mower front and back moving in parallel zones. We avoid working when the lawn is wet.

The lawn should be cut about once a week during vegetation, ie from April to June.

You can add the cut lawn to the compost bin along with the other plant waste to improve its quality.

If you regularly cut your lawn, you can remove the bucket so that the debris remains on the freshly mowed lawn and acts as a natural fertilizer: it is called the Mulching technique.

Proper watering

During the summer it is necessary to water the lawn regularly to favor its growth.

Water the small areas with a simple rubber band, preferably at night, so that part of the water does not evaporate before being absorbed by the soil.

Connecting with a developer offers automatic watering and saving water and time. Undoubtedly, the best solution is underground watering.

Water sprinklers, or injectors, must be installed so that their radius covers the entire surface of the lawn. Here, too, the use of an automatic watering programmer is recommended.

Helpful tips

At the end of the winter season, in the northern regions, it may be necessary to pass a cylinder to stabilize the soil that has been deformed due to ice.

During the spring, the passage of the roll also allows us to press the tufts of grass that are sometimes lifted off the ground.

Periodically ventilating the soil prevents the rock that prevents the roots from breathing and the water from being absorbed.

We drill the soil in regular close places using a fork for small surfaces and a ventilator for large ones. Low-release nitrogen fertilizer is a useful supplement for growing lawn during vegetation.

On the contrary, in the fall we must stop the treatment and scatter in the lawn complex nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium fertilizer. The herbicide treats the weeds that grow without endangering the lawn.

We do not leave dry leaves on the lawn for a long time because they favor the growth of vines.

An effective care a few months a year will allow us to have a healthy and glowing lawn.