Non-mixing, blending, thermostatic battery: the options are many! In Leroy Merlin stores you will find various types of batteries: low and high batteries, modern, and more classic, as well as specialized (surgical, rotating, with foot valve, etc.), for shower, bath, brushing teeth or hands. Learn more about each type of bathroom faucet, and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Before you decide on the style of tap that suits you, make sure that you have chosen a battery with the right mouthpiece and height to suit your needs: comfortable hand washing, or large items. Bath batteries must be adjusted to the height of the sink in such a way that the water runs in the center of the sink and allows hand washing (in the case of a bowl-shaped sink).
The types of bathroom faucets

Not a mixer
The commands for cold and hot water are independent. The user adjusts the water temperature himself. The non-mixing battery allows the user to dose the water flow.

Mixing battery
The bathroom faucet has a single command for cold and hot water. You can adjust the temperature and flow of water thanks to the handle.
Some batteries have two flow levels to save water more easily. (read the specialized solutions below)
For more details on bathroom faucets, read here.

Thermostatic batteries allow you to pre-adjust the temperature, thus avoiding any risk of burns.
The safety system is activated automatically when the cold water supply is cut off or reduced, resulting in the battery maintaining a certain temperature in the water during the shower. This protects you from sudden changes in the water supply (parallel flow of water from the tap or the pulling of a cistern).

Thanks to the thermostatic battery you will regulate the temperature faster, and you will save water.
More details on thermostatic bath batteries, read here.
Batteries for every use
At Leroy Merlin you will find batteries for all uses: for the sink, the bathtub, the shower, the sink, and the bidet.
Bathtubs for the sink and the sink: It is advisable to choose the battery at the same time as you buy the sink. The neck of the battery should be long enough for the water to flow in the center of the sink and high enough for you to wash your hands or large objects. At Leroy Merlin you will also find specialized bathroom batteries such as operating batteries or foot-operated batteries. You will also find batteries with a very high neck, specially designed for sitting sinks.
Bathtub batteries: The bathtub battery has a special blister that allows you to fill your bathtub or wash items in the bathtub. On each bathtub battery there is a valve thanks to which you can determine where the water will flow.
Shower batteries: The spiral and telephone are screwed directly onto the battery.
Battery or bidet batteries : Most batteries for the sink or bidet have only cold water supply. In Leroy Merlin stores you will find a variety of products, both single and double (cold or cold / hot).

Colors and Styles
Although chrome, bronze and stainless steel colors remain the most common colors in bathroom batteries, new fashion trends bring gold, two-tone chrome-gold to our bathroom, and mixing materials such as chrome-glass.
To achieve a modern style, choose stainless steel, chrome, while for a more zen environment choose a battery with a mixture of materials such as chrome-glass. Finally, to make a classic bathroom stand out more, a battery in bronze or gold is the best choice!

Battery quality and warranty
All Leroy Merlin bath batteries have a 5-year warranty (except for NEREA batteries that are 2 years old).
-It is good to simply change the seal on the simple batteries every year to avoid leaks.
- Ceramic disc batteries are more durable over time, and more expensive. However, in the event of a leak, the entire head will need to be replaced.
- Frequently remove the battery head and immerse the nozzle in vinegar for a while to remove dust, which may have accumulated.

Specialized Solutions
Some batteries are equipped with a special bar that does not allow the body of the battery to heat up and thus you avoid burns.
Air-cooled / water-saving battery: The filters are placed in the batteries and reduce water consumption by mixing water with air. The average water flow of a bathroom battery is 12 liters per minute. The filters allow you to save up to 50% on water.
Dual flow batteries: They allow you to select the flow according to your needs, giving you the option of two positions (6L / minute and 12L / minute). The first position allows you to use 50% of the power and with the second opening you can reach 100% of the volume.