Repairing and leveling the floor is an easy task and is a necessary process before any type of floor can be installed.

You will need

  • Necessary tools
  • 1 drill
  • 1 stirrer
  • 1 hoe or digging machine
  • 1 evacuation system
  • 1 electrician screwdriver
  • 1 triangular scraper
  • 1 cardboard tampon
  • 2 large spatulas for plastering
  • 1 broom
  • 1 manual sander
  • Necessary materials
  • plaster for repairs
  • adhesive tape
  • primer
  • smoothing plaster
  • Difficulty level

The floor preparation

If the lips of the cracks peel off, we open them and scrape them with the help of a chisel and a hammer.

We absorb the dust with the broom.
We protect the bottom of the wall with the adhesive paper tape.
We use the rod and put the spirit level on it to find any irregularities.

We mark these points with a thick pencil or a marker. 
Wet the slits that we will stock with the brush. This will make it easier to apply the mortar.

The filling of the corners

For deeper cracks we use mortar for repairs.

Divide it along the crack, press with the tip of the trowel to penetrate well, and then smooth. The use of putty is sufficient for surface cracks.

The application of the primer

Add a few drops of water to verify that it is necessary to use a primer. If the water is absorbed in less than a minute we must use a primer.

It is applied 24 hours after the cracking of the cracks and is spread very simply with a patroga brush or with a roller.

The leveling of the floor

Prepare the smoothing plaster by mixing the powder with water according to the proportions indicated on the package.
We start from the point that is farthest from the door.

Gently pour the plaster on the floor, putting a little more on the points we marked and plastered to fill them.
Immediately apply with the manual sander performing circular motions. 
In order not to interrupt our work, it is recommended that someone help us and prepare the mixture while we spread the product.

CAUTION! We wait one day before installing the tiles or three days before installing the parquet.

On a floor that is so flat and alphanumed, we can place any type of floor, from tile to parquet.