Ideas and tips

Easily calculate the consumption of home heating devices
Easily and simply calculate the cost of consuming each home heating appliance that interests you before buying. Choosing the right type of heating...
Doors, Windows & Stairs
Τοποθετώ εύκολα τέντα και απολαμβάνω τον ήλιο με ασφάλεια
Η τέντα ημικασετίνα Zefir σου επιτρέπει να απολαύσεις τη βεράντα σου μια ηλιόλουστη ημέρα αφού σε προστατεύει εντελώς από τον ήλιο.Το πλάτος της...
Tiles, Floor & Carpets
I choose the right carpet style for my space
The image of your space during the cold winter months is shaped according to the carpets you choose to lay in it.Carpets are the ones that will...
Doors, Windows & Stairs
How do I renovate wooden doors and windows?
Following a few simple steps we can give a new look to the wood and a new style in our space!
Doors, Windows & Stairs
I choose the right opening interior door
Choosing an aesthetically pleasing interior door is a simple and easy process that can make a difference in the style and image of your...
Doors, Windows & Stairs
I replace old frames with PVC or aluminum
The old, conventional frames due to previous construction technology do not meet today's requirements (energy savings, water tightness, sound...