Wooden sunbed

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Homistas: Natassa Sidirokastritou

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Natassa Sidirokastritou

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Step 1: Place the 90cm boards on the counter box and cut off a 22.5 degree angle

We repeat the process on both boards of 50cm and 60cm

Step 2: Take the board of 90cm, measure 60cm from its straight side, and divide at this distance 6 boards of 50cm

Step 3: Mark between the boards and drill by calculating 2 holes for each board

Step 4: Repeat the process on both the 50cm and 60cm boards (the ones you have forged)

Step 5: Screw all the boards you have drilled, with those of 50cm, to make three separate panels of boards

Step 6: Place the frame between the 90cm panel (back) and the 50cm panel (seat) and screw them together

Step 7: Repeat the process by screwing with the second frame, the seat with the last panel of 60cm

Step 8: Paint your sunbed with varnish

Natassa Sidirokastritou

I am a journalist, creator of eventful.gr, event expert, DIY lover, husband and mother of two wonderful children. I love the decoration and the original constructions. With the simplest materials an idea of ​​the moment, an image can become the most beautiful work of art. & Nbsp; Just discover the Homistas hidden inside you! Like Natassa