Jar & Pencil case

Tags: Decorative constructions
Homistas: Natassa Sidirokastritou

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Natassa Sidirokastritou

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Step 1: Using the hot glue, make a box with the plywood

Step 2: Measure and cut a piece of wallpaper to cover the perimeter of the wooden box. About 58cm

Step 3: With the hot glue stick the wallpaper around the box

Step 4: Fill your box with clay and place the succulents

Step 5: Leave one case empty to put your pencils

Natassa Sidirokastritou

I am a journalist, creator of eventful.gr, event expert, DIY lover, husband and mother of two wonderful children. I love the decoration and the original constructions. With the simplest materials an idea of ​​the moment, an image can become the most beautiful work of art. Just discover the Homistas hidden inside you! Like Natassa