Copper tube hanger

Tags: Furniture, Decorative constructions
Homistas: Stefanos Lolos

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Stefanos Lolos

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Step 1: Cut the copper pipe to the following dimensions: a. 5 pieces Length 20cm b. 2 pieces Length 9 cm c. 4 pieces Length 5 cm d. 4 pieces Length 4 cm

Step 2: We take the 5 pieces 20cm long and join them with instant glue with the tuffs to form the trunk of the hanger

Step 3: In the excess in each burrow we glue the 5 cm pieces

Step 4: Then on the piece of 5cm we glue the half-curves

Step 5: On the other side of the semicircle we glue the pieces 4 cm long

Step 6: Finally, glue the plugs to the ends

Step 7: On the top and bottom of our hanger, glue the 90˚ curves

Step 8: In the curves we glue the 2 pieces 9 cm long

Step 9: Screw the breasts onto the flanges to form the brackets

Step 10: Glue the supports to the final construction

Step 11: Screw the hanger to the wall

Stefanos Lolos

I am an actor, a DIY fan and a founding member of the Fabrica Athens Multipurpose Art Group . I love to give life to old objects but also to discover new forms and uses of them.