Office with aging technique

Tags: Furniture, Decorative constructions
Homistas: Stefanos Lolos

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Stefanos Lolos

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Step 1: Screw the legs to the bottom of the table

Step 2: Apply a thin layer of chalk on the surface of the wood

Step 3: After it dries, lightly brush with our brush in several places with the second color

Step 4: Let it dry well and sand with G80 sandpaper where we want the "wear" to appear and in the corners until the wood color appears.

Step 5: Lightly coat the entire surface with G180 sandpaper to give a smoother result

Step 6: After thoroughly cleaning our surface, apply the clear protective wax

Stefanos Lolos

I am an actor, a DIY fan and a founding member of the Fabrica Athens Multipurpose Art Group . I love to give life to old objects but also to discover new forms and uses of them.