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Τοποθέτηση προϊόντων


Τοποθετούμε μέσω εξειδικευμένων συνεργείων προϊόντα που αγοράσατε από το κατάστημά μας εφόσον το επιθυμείτε.

Gazon GR Epigeio-Potisma GR Ypogeio-Potisma GR Fwtist-exot-Xwrou GR Metalliki-Apo8iki GR

Επίγειο Πότισμα
Υπόγειο πότισμα
Φωτιστικό εξωτερικού χώρου
Μεταλλική αποθήκη
PlastikiApothiki GR BBQ-gaz GR BBQ-tsimentenio GR Epipla-Kipou GR Xylino-Spitaki GR
Πλαστική αποθήκη
Μπάρμπεκιου γκαζιού
Τσιμεντένιο μπάρμπεκιου Έπιπλα κήπου Ξύλινο σπιτάκι
PlastikiNtoulapa GR Garazoporta GR KagkelaBares-Asf GR Koufomata-alu_GR Porta-Asfaleias GR
Πλαστική ντουλάπα

Κάγκελα και μπάρες ασφαλείας
Πόρτα ασφαλείας
Gyalini-Porta GR Eswteriki-Porta_GR Sita GR Synagermos_GR EswterSkala GR
Γυάλινη πόρτα
Εσωτερική Πόρτα
Εσωτερική σκάλα
Xeir-Tenta GR Lekani-WC_GR Kampina-Douche_GR Epiplo-Mpaniou_GR Prostasia-Mpanieras
Λεκάνη WC Καμπίνα Ντους Έπιπλο Μπάνιου Προστασία Μπανιέρας
Mpataria-Mpaniou_GR Lekani-WC_GR Ntousiera_GR Mpaniera_GR Niptiras-Mpaniou_GR
Μπαταρία Μπάνιου
ή Κουζίνας
Λεκάνη WC Ντουσιέρα
Μπανιέρα Νιπτήρας Μπάνιου 
Thermoboiler_GR Thermosifonas_GR Hlliakos-Thermosifonas_GR Clim_GR Pellet-levitas GR
Θερμομπόιλερ Θερμοσίφωνας Ηλιακός
Κλιματιστικό Λέβητας Πέλλετ 
Hlektriko-Kalorifer_GR Kalorifer_GR LevitasGkaziou AntliaTherm GR Pellet-somba_GR Pellet-somba-hydro_GR
Καλοριφέρ Λέβητας Γκαζιού  Σόμπα Pellet  Σόμπα πέλλετ hydro
Plakidia-dapedou Plakidia-toixou PlwtoParquet_GR Laminate_GR Ntoulapa GR
Πλακίδια Δαπέδου Πλακίδια Τοίχου Πλωτό Παρκέ Πάτωμα Laminate   Ξύλινη Ντουλάπα  
Kouzina-Delinia_GR Neroxytis-Kouzinas Pagkos-Kouzinas Kouzina-OneBox_GR Kourtinoxylo
 Έπιπλα Κουζίνας 
Νεροχύτης Κουζίνας Πάγκος Κουζίνας  Έπιπλα Κουζίνας OneBox Κουρτινόξυλο
PrizesDiakoptes GR Tapetsaria BafiExot GR BafiEsot GR Store Persida GR 
Διακοπτικό υλικό  Ταπετσαρία Βαφή εξωτερικού τοίχου Βαφή εσωτερικού τοίχου Περσίδας-στόρι
Φωτιστικός Ανεμιστήρας 

Practical Services

eggiisi timis

Leroy Merlin guarantees the best possible price for products sold in our stores.
We are so confident in our prices that if you find a lower price at a competitor within Cyprus and within 30 days of your purchase, you will be refunded double the difference. All we ask from you is to compare identical products and demonstrate the difference in price by submitting proof of purchase from Leroy Merlin and the signed offer or receipt of a competitor company.

Terms and conditions apply. (for more information, please ask the reception).



We accept returns and refunds for products you have purchased at our store.  

This service refers to returns of products in unopened packaging within a maximum of 30 calendar days from the date of purchase . Returns are not accepted if the packaging is opened or used even partially .

To offer this service we only ask you to provide the receipt of purchase.

In case you paid with a credit card, the refund will be made in the same card, and not with cash.

Professionals' department

 For your professional needs, we are happy to provide to you a separate entrance in the store, with a special office for orders and deliveries, and specialized qualified staff.


For you convenience, you will find in our store more than 500 parking spots for free. 


We are happy to provide the special bins, so you can contribute to lamp recycling programs , as well as to batteries and electrical appliances recycling.

You can place lamps (without the original packaging) to the special lamp recycling bin, and your old electrical appliances as well as the batteries in the appropriate recycling bin.


You can relax at our coffee shop, drink a refreshing beverage, and even try one of our snacks. We will be happy to serve you!

Custom made

kopi xilou

At Leroy Merlin we will cut for you for free the wood and glass you have purchased in our store. You only have to tell us the measures you need and we will do it easily and quickly for you. Please ask our specialized sales advisors at the Carpentry department.

3d kitchen

Thanks to the 3D Delinia Kitchen design tool, we will help you deisgn your kitchen easily in 4 simple steps:

1. Note the dimensions of you kitchen and fix an appointment with one specializes sales advisors at Leroy Merlin. 

2. Dream of you perfect kitchen and make a list of your wishes.

3. We will help you design your Delinia kitchen with all the accessories you will need (colours, basic drawers, accessories, etc.)
4. Choose the dimensions of you Delinia kitchen.

Interior Designer

   According to your needs, we will be happy to help you design complete solutions for your home.

You can now fix an appointment with our interior designr at  2473400 or here online.

Colour mixing

We can immediately prepare the colour you wish under sample, since we offer you more than 1000 shades.

You can also choose a colour among 1000 shades.


Fabric cut at your measures

We will be happy to cut and sew fabric at the dimensions you will ask. Please consult a specialized sales advisor at the Decoration department. 


Telephone Order


You found some products you would to order in our leaflets, or discovered some goods in our website, but can't come to the store?

You can now place your order by telephone.

Contact us by phone, and tell us the references you would like to purchase. We will be happy to confirm their availability, and agree about the delivery or the pick up.

We can deliver your purchases in Cyprus, and we will fix an appointment that suits you.

The payment can be done either upon delivery or by bank installement transfer.

You can contact us at 22473400.

Delivery and Collect


If you can't transport the products you have purchased either in the store or by phone, we will be happy to do it for you. We will make an appointment and deliver the products wherever you indicate us in Cyprus.

Order & Collect

You can now place your order by phone and pay either by bank installement transfer or in the store and pick up your purchases directly at the store, without waiting in the queue.

At the same special area and for your own convenience, you can pick up the heavy product you have purchased in our store (like garden furniture, or tiles).

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